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Bui Viet Hoa


The Juminkeko Foundation works in close cooperation with the Arhippa Perttunen Foundation in the Republic of Karelia, Russia.

Important Finnish partners are the Finnish Literature Society and the Finnish Kalevala Society.

The Foundation cooperates with the Kuhmo Music School in the preservation of Viena Karelian and Kainuu oral cultures. The cooperation also includes other music and art schools such as the Sibelius Academy and the Academy of Art in Helsinki, as well as major Finnish universities.

The Foundation's partners in the Republic of Karelia include local societies for music, literature, arts and indigenous cultures, and high-level partners in the regional administration.

Juminkeko also provides Kalevala translators and illustrators with valuable information on the Kalevala as well as the opportunity to visit the birthplace of the Kalevala, Viena Karelia.

Vjatseslav Orfinski