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In 1985, Juminkeko's predecessor, Kuhmo Kulttuurikornitsa center, was founded in Kuhmo to uphold Karelian traditions and to improve public awareness of this cultural heritage in Finland. Five years later the center received backing from a newly formed foundation that included leading experts on Karelia and the Kalevala.

The revitalization of folklore villages in Viena Karelia was also a key priority early on. This led to the Juminkeko project, the aim of which was the construction of culture centers in Kuhmo and Kostomuksha, Karelia.

Construction of the Kuhmo Juminkeko was finished in 1999 as part of the New Kalevala's Commemoratory Year. Today, the center is the Finnish State's permanent monument to the Kalevala. The Kuhmo Kulttuurikornitsa Foundation became the Juminkeko Foundation at the beginning of 2000.